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Washington officials have released a list of items that will not be allowed at President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration for security reasons.


      Among them, no strollers near the U.S. Capitol, no tents on the National Mall and no Silly String along the parade route, according to the Associated Press. Also, thermoses, coolers and backpacks are out at both the Capitol and the parade route.


       “The tightest rules are reserved for the lucky 240,000 ticket-holders, who get to sit closest to the swearing-in ceremony on the West Front of the Capitol,” reports the AP. “There are understandable prohibitions on weapons and pepper spray. But you also can’t carry an umbrella. And don’t think about holding up any “Yes We Did” signs — posters also are not allowed.      

       “The rules aren’t so strict on the National Mall, where most people will end up because tickets aren’t required. Officials have said everyone will be checked, but they haven’t said what that will entail.      

       “People won’t be able to see much, except what’s on Jumbotrons, but they can bring all sorts of stuff. Besides the obvious no-nos — firearms, explosives, fireworks — the only bans are on alcohol, tents and glass bottles.”

How about some Obama Extra? No prob. Here’s the Prez-elect enjoying some down-time on vacation in Hawaii. We won’t mention the obvious. We’ll leave that to you. 🙂  What we really want to know is how did the pap get the shot?


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