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A Las Vegas judge has ordered that the sports memorabilia caught up in O.J. Simpson’s bungled robbery attempt must be turned over to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where the items’ ownership will be determined.      

       According to E! Online, collectibles judged to be Simpson’s will likely be auctioned off with proceeds going toward the wrongful death judgment awarded to the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown.      

       Las Vegas District Judge Jackie Glass also ruled during the brief hearing that Simpson, along with codefendant Clarence “C.J.” Stewart and the other defendants who struck plea deals, must pool their resources and pay a combined $3,560 in restitution to the robbery victim – memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong.           

       Fromong claimed he was left with $2,600 in medical bills due to injuries suffered during the altercation.       

       Alfred Beardsley, the other memorabilia dealer targeted by Simpson, testified at a separate hearing that he didn’t have Simpson’s NFL Hall of Fame ring, which the Goldman family is looking for.


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