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With weeks to go before her job as secretary of state comes to an end, Condoleezza Rice said Monday she is looking for a new home near Stanford University in northern California, reports the AFP.      

       “I have a place to live temporarily,” said Rice who will resume her academic career at Stanford after Barack Obama becomes the U.S. president on Jan. 20.      

       “I have not really had time to look and so when I get out to California, I will start looking for a place to live,” she said. “But I know I will not live too far from where I work, because I am not a commuter by nature.”      

       For eight years under President George W. Bush, first as national security adviser and then secretary of state, she lived at the Watergate complex in Washington, just a few hundred yards (meters) from her State Department office.      

       Rice is due to take up her new post at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, a research center specializing in international relations. She was teaching at Stanford when the Bush administration brought her aboard in 2001.      

       She also plans to write two books, one a tribute to her African American parents at the time of the racially-segregated south and the other on international affairs.      

       “I will write a book on foreign policy as every secretary of state is obliged to do,” she said. But the second one might have to simmer for a while because it “has been such a turbulent time and such a consequential time that it may take a little reflection,” she added.      

       “I want to write a book about my parents who were incredible people and emblematic really of a whole generation of black parents who just were not going to let their children be held hostages to segregation,” Rice said.       

       “And so they just invested and invested and invested. And so I want to write about that,” said Rice, the only child of a couple from Alabama and the first African-American female secretary of state.



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TMZ.com is reporting that the death of Sean Levert in a Cleveland, Ohio jail after being forced to go without his prescription medicine for six days has led Cuyahoga County authorities to change its policies and give inmates meds for valid prescriptions.


      At the time of his death, Levert was jailed for failure to pay child support. He died in March of this year and initially it was reported that he died from natural causes.


      The jail had refused to give him his prescribed Xanax. His death was later said to have been caused, in part, by withdrawals from the medication.



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Just where will Michelle Obama “get her hair did” while living in the White House? Hair stylists in the Washington D.C. area are already angling to secure the soon-to-be First Lady as a client, reports the Associated Press.


      “I’m going to be doing her hair!” says positive thinker Barry Fletcher, the 52-year-old owner of The Hair Palace Salon in Mitchellville, Md. He cites his experience in international hairstyling challenges and working with actress Halle Berry and singer Mya, a D.C. native.


       “This would pretty much validate all of my hard work and effort to get to a level where I could handle a powerful queen like the First Lady,” added Fletcher, who sent Michelle Obama a 17-minute DVD about himself.       

       Hairdresser Keith Harley of Keith Harley Hair & Scalp Clinic in Arlington, Va. uploaded his resume to President-elect Barack Obama’s Web site a month ago.       

       “It would be the highlight of my career. It would be an honor,” said 39-year-old Harley, who styles Black Entertainment Television chief executive Debra Lee.            

       Nicole Cober-Blake, the 37-year-old lawyer-turned-owner of D.C.’s Soul Day Spa and Salon, plans to get her name in the mix by sending Michelle Obama a welcome basket with bath gels, hair products and a robe. Cober-Blake said she’s excited about the possibility of having Obama experience the services at Soul, where she said they “treat everyone like a Michelle Obama.”      

       For election night, Michael “Rahni” Flowers of Van Cleef Hair Studio in Chicago — Obama’s stylist since she was 18 — did her hair. And for the Democratic National Convention, Obama turned to Chicago-native Johnny Wright of Frederic Fekkai’s Los Angeles salon.      

       “The thing about being the first lady, you’re only as fashionable as your last picture,” said Dennis Roche, 58, of D.C.’s Roche Salon, which has African-American-hair experts he said could style Obama. “This is kind of risky because of the fact that we all have bad hair days.”



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Washington officials have released a list of items that will not be allowed at President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration for security reasons.


      Among them, no strollers near the U.S. Capitol, no tents on the National Mall and no Silly String along the parade route, according to the Associated Press. Also, thermoses, coolers and backpacks are out at both the Capitol and the parade route.


       “The tightest rules are reserved for the lucky 240,000 ticket-holders, who get to sit closest to the swearing-in ceremony on the West Front of the Capitol,” reports the AP. “There are understandable prohibitions on weapons and pepper spray. But you also can’t carry an umbrella. And don’t think about holding up any “Yes We Did” signs — posters also are not allowed.      

       “The rules aren’t so strict on the National Mall, where most people will end up because tickets aren’t required. Officials have said everyone will be checked, but they haven’t said what that will entail.      

       “People won’t be able to see much, except what’s on Jumbotrons, but they can bring all sorts of stuff. Besides the obvious no-nos — firearms, explosives, fireworks — the only bans are on alcohol, tents and glass bottles.”

How about some Obama Extra? No prob. Here’s the Prez-elect enjoying some down-time on vacation in Hawaii. We won’t mention the obvious. We’ll leave that to you. 🙂  What we really want to know is how did the pap get the shot?



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Barack Obama and his family arrived in Oahu over the weekend for a 12-day vacation before he takes the oath of office next month.


       According to the Associated Press, the president-elect plans to keep a low profile during the break, with no formal events of his schedule. Aides said Obama will continue to have business meetings and intelligence briefings as he prepares for Inauguration in January.      

       Obama has spent recent weeks at a breakneck pace, barreling through appointments. During the last week, Obama met reporters every day to announce his picks for Cabinet posts, rounding out the bulk of his top economic, national security and domestic policy officials in his forthcoming administration.      

       Still unfilled are his picks for CIA director and national intelligence director, along with other sub-Cabinet appointments. Aides say the president-elect would continue working on those as he left behind his home in Chicago.      

       Obama, his wife Michelle, and their two young daughters spent most of the 10-hour, nonstop flight from Chicago in the front cabin of the United Airlines plane, according to the AP.  Younger daughter Sasha wandered back to visit with Secret Service agents in the back of the plane, within view of the roughly two dozen journalists making the 4,200-mile flight to the Pacific islands.      

       The family during past years spent the December holidays visiting Obama’s maternal grandmother, who died Nov. 2, before Obama’s historic Nov. 4 victory. The Obamas are expected to have a private memorial service for Madelyn Payne Dunham, who helped raise him, early this week.



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The epic election that made Barack Obama the first African-American president was the top news story of 2008 — followed closely by the economic meltdown that will test his leadership, according to U.S. editors and news directors voting in The Associated Press’ annual poll.


     The campaign, with subplots emerging throughout the year, received 100 first-place votes out of 155 ballots cast for the top 10 stories.

     Two other political sagas — the history-making candidacies of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin — also made the list.


     The vast economic crisis, plunging the U.S. into recession and ravaging many business sectors worldwide, was the No. 2 story, receiving 49 first-place votes. The precipitous rise and fall of oil prices was No. 3.


     The top story of 2007 was the massacre of 32 people at Virginia Tech University by a mentally disturbed student gunman.


Here are 2008’s top 10 stories, as voted by AP members:


_1. U.S. ELECTION: Obama emerged from Election Night as a decisive victor and a symbol for the world of America’s democratic promise. But he reached that point only after a grueling battle with Clinton for the Democratic nomination and then an often-nasty showdown with the McCain/Palin ticket in the run-up to the election.


_2. ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: The bad news kept coming — collapses of Wall Street giants; huge stock market losses; plummeting home prices and a surge of foreclosures; desperate times for U.S. automakers. It added up to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and will cost the federal government well over $1 trillion in various rescue and stimulus packages.


_3. OIL PRICES: The global economic angst produced hyper-volatile energy markets. The price of crude soared as high as $150 a barrel in July before crashing to $33 this month. In the U.S., the average price for a gallon of regular gas peaked at $4.11, then plunged below $1.70.


_4. IRAQ: The much-debated “surge” of U.S. troops helped reduce violence after more than five years of war, but Iraq is still buffeted daily by bombings, ambushes, kidnappings and political uncertainty. A newly ratified U.S.-Iraqi security agreement sets a timetable for U.S. troop withdrawal by 2012.


_5. BEIJING OLYMPICS: China hosted the Olympics for first time, drawing praise for logistical mastery and condemnation for heavy-handed security measures. The games themselves were rated a success, highlighted by the record-shattering performances of swimmer Michael Phelps and sprinter Usain Bolt.


Whitney Houston Sued – by Her Stepmom! December 18, 2008

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Christmas dinner is gonna be so awkward! 

Whitney Houston is being sued by her own stepmother. 

According to the lawsuit, Barbara Houston claims the singer pocketed a $1-million life insurance payout from her late father’s estate,E! Online reports. 

But, Barbara claims, $723,000 of that was supposed to go toward the mortgage on the New Jersey condo she shared with John Houston, who died in 2003. (Once the mortgage was paid off, the suit alleges, the rest of the cash would be given to the stepmother.) 

Lawyers for both sides refused to comment on the pending suit, E! said. 

Meanwhile, Whitney Houston continues to work on her comeback with music mogul Clive Davis