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TMZ.com is reporting that the death of Sean Levert in a Cleveland, Ohio jail after being forced to go without his prescription medicine for six days has led Cuyahoga County authorities to change its policies and give inmates meds for valid prescriptions.


      At the time of his death, Levert was jailed for failure to pay child support. He died in March of this year and initially it was reported that he died from natural causes.


      The jail had refused to give him his prescribed Xanax. His death was later said to have been caused, in part, by withdrawals from the medication.




Nearly two decades after KRS-One assembled several of the hottest rap acts to  record the anti-violence anthem “Self-Destruction,” the song has been updated by Chicago-area artists in an attempt to keep the message going.


       The new version, released Dec 19, also features KRS-One, along with Syleena Johnson, Twista, Crucial Conflict, Phil G, Kenny Bogus, Straw and Pugs.      

       “Self Destruction 2009” is the brainchild of CoalMine Music executive Joanne Coalman, once an active member of the Chicago division of KRS-One’s Stop The Violence movement, according to Allhiphop.com.    



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A Las Vegas judge has ordered that the sports memorabilia caught up in O.J. Simpson’s bungled robbery attempt must be turned over to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where the items’ ownership will be determined.      

       According to E! Online, collectibles judged to be Simpson’s will likely be auctioned off with proceeds going toward the wrongful death judgment awarded to the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown.      

       Las Vegas District Judge Jackie Glass also ruled during the brief hearing that Simpson, along with codefendant Clarence “C.J.” Stewart and the other defendants who struck plea deals, must pool their resources and pay a combined $3,560 in restitution to the robbery victim – memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong.           

       Fromong claimed he was left with $2,600 in medical bills due to injuries suffered during the altercation.       

       Alfred Beardsley, the other memorabilia dealer targeted by Simpson, testified at a separate hearing that he didn’t have Simpson’s NFL Hall of Fame ring, which the Goldman family is looking for.



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Two producers have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Mary J. Blige and others claiming her track, “On My Grind,” is too similar to a tune they submitted to the song’s producer, reports TMZ.com.      

        New Jersey-based Jermaine Jumpp and Michael C. Adams say in their federal lawsuit that they handed a “compact disk” to the “office” of producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins that contained the song “On My Grind,” reports TMZ.com.       

       Four years later, Darkchild produced the track “Enough Cryin'” for Mary J., and the guys say it’s a rip off of “On My Grind.”       

       “Enough Cryin” was recorded and mixed in 2005 for Blige’s multi-platinum album “The Breakthrough.” Blige and Darkchild are credited with writing the tune, which features a rap segment from Brook-Lyn, Blige’s alter ego whom Mary created to give her lyrical freedom without the fear of damaging her own persona.       

       Jay-Z was also named in the lawsuit, although his role is unclear.




Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole and Faith Hill will share their personal experiences with adoption on the CBS special “A Home for the Holidays,” which airs tonight from 8 to 9 p.m.      

       Speaking to the Associated Press backstage last month after filming their appearances, the artists explained how they coped with being adopted and why they performed for the special, which offers a mix of musical entertainment and information about child adoption.      

       “I was lucky,” said the Oscar-winning Foxx (“Ray”). “I was adopted at 7 months, but the lady who adopted me also adopted my mother, so I had a relationship with my biological parents, also.”


       R&B star Keyshia Cole said, “My personal story was my mother was on drugs all my life and she didn’t get a little bit better until I became ‘Keyshia Cole the Celebrity.’ Maybe it was a good way for her to see herself — that your daughter has become so much and she’s become so big.”      

       The special is the brainchild of Dave Thomas, the Wendy’s restaurant founder. Thomas, who was adopted, created the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in 1992.      

       The show will feature musical performances by Hill’s husband Tim McGraw, as well as Kristin Chenoweth, Gavin Rossdale and Melissa Etheridge.



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Rumors of Oprah Winfrey looking for property in Washington D.C. to be closer to the Obama White House have been shot down by her reps, according to TMZ.com.


      The New York Post reported that Winfrey was eyeing “a nine-bedroom Georgetown mansion” listed at $50 million. But according to TMZ, “Oprah’s peeps tell us [there’s] no truth to this at all.


       “In fact, some D.C. real estate sources say there’s exactly one house in the District even approaching that price — an estate called Evermay — and Oprah hasn’t looked at it.”      

       Winfrey will record two shows at the Kennedy Center next month while she’s in town for the inauguration.




New York’s Ujamaa Black Theater is planning a special tribute show to honor the late Bernie Mac, who died of pneumonia last August at age 50.       

       The company has placed an ad in Back Stage – an entertainment-industry magazine with a special focus on casting – seeking black actors, singers, and comedians, as well as look-alikes for Mac, Isaac Hayes and James Brown, according to the New York Post.       

       In the meantime, fans of the comic can look forward to one more blast of Bernie in the movies with Disney’s “Old Dogs,” in which he co-stars with John Travolta and Robin Williams.