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Kanye West’s camp is denying claims made by Damon Dash in December’s Complex magazine suggesting that Jay-Z’s refusal to give his Roc-A-Fella chain to West at a 2003 concert sparked a longstanding beef between the two rappers.


       Dash tells Complex that in 2003, the then-up-and-coming West expected ruling Roc-A-Fella artist Jay to “knight” him by presenting him with the diamond chain as a sign of acceptance into the label’s family. But, according to Dash, Jay didn’t want to give it up.       

       “This ni**a [Kanye] was like, ‘Wow. [Jay-Z] ain’t going to give me the chain,'” Dash tells Complex. “I had to take off my chain and give it to him, and I was heated. I had the real canary diamonds. That sh** cost $40,000! I told Kanye, ‘Yo, you got to give that back when we get off this stage!'”       

       Dash contends that after Jay-Z violated the code of hip-hop chivalry, “Kanye hated Jay-Z.” But a rep for West told the New York Daily News that the whole story is “ridiculous and totally false.”       

       “This is sad,” the paper quotes of the source. “Damon does this every time he’s promoting an artist. He just makes things up. They’re both on [Def Jam],” the source continues. “They’re friends and always have been.”       

       The paper quotes another “hip-hop insider” who adds: “No one has ever said that Kanye hated Jay. [West, Jay-Z and Dash] were all together at one point every single day. To say he hated him back then is silly.”      

       “Damon wants to blow [Jim Jones] up,” the source agreed, noting that Dash is producing a documentary about Jones in which Dash introduces the rapper to influential acquaintances, like Vogue editor Anna Wintour. “We’ll see how this plays out.”


       The full interview with Dash and Jones is available at Complex.com.


Hip Hop Mogul Damon Dash In Extreme Debt November 17, 2008

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Judge orders city to take away Dash’s Chevy Tahoe 

Just three years ago, Damon Dash sold his 25 percent stake in Rocawear for a reported $22 million. Now, the hip hop mogul and former co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records is reportedly broke. 

“I’ve worked with musicians, artists and entertainers that, in the eyes of the media, are very wealthy,” Jason Gabbard— the attorney who settled a suit against Dash and his wife Rachel Roy, for $148,505 in unpaid fees to a fashion firm— told the New York Daily News. “But to borrow a phrase from my Kentucky homeland, they haven’t got a pot to piss in — they’re broke.” 

Besides being tangled up in a lawsuit that claims Dash cheated a law firm handling his child-custody case, according to the Daily News, Dash owes lawyers, companies, lenders and landlords, huge sums of money.  This week a judge ordered the city to take away Dash’s Chevrolet Tahoe over regular missed payments of $714 a month. 

In August, Eastern Savings Bank foreclosed on two of Dash’s Tribeca apartments, after Dash fell into $7.3 million in debt when he and his wife failed to pay their $78,500 mortgage. 

Dash previously owed Armadale Vodka and Keds. 

Dash currently owes $2.1 million to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, and $4,500 for not paying workers’ comp. Dash’s lawyer has since stopped working with his client, because Dash has not been able to pay his legal bills. 


‘Wrap To Rap’ Plans Sixth Celebrity Gift Wrapping Event November 11, 2008

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Despite past differences, Jay-Z and Damon Dash both set to appear 

It’s clear that hip hop mogul Damon Dash, and hip hop mogul Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter no longer “kick it.” But in a couple weeks, both men are promised to show up for the one-day, sixth annual “Wrap To Rap” charity event. 

The event will focus on providing gifts for kids in foster homes in the New York City area. The maestro will be DJ D-Nice, there will be a performance by Sean Kingston, and Damon Dash’s wife, designer Rachel Roy, will host it. Kevin Liles will also be present. 

In the September issue of VIBE, Jay-Z spoke candidly about the break-up of Roc-A-Fella Records and his strained relationship with his former business partner and sidekick, Damon Dash. 

“That was the biggest tragedy for me,” he told writer Elliott Wilson. “In concept, [Roc-A-Fella] was the perfect thing. But sometimes life gets in the way…I’ve never said this before, but any second-guessing [about severing ties with Dash] went away when Dame was participating in the whole beef [with Cam’Ron]…I’m not going to do certain things or say certain things about Dame… I’m not going to go too far.” 

“Wrap To Rap” will be Wednesday, November 19 at the Empire Hotel Rooftop in New York. 



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As of press time, a bench warrant was still out for the mother of Damon Dash’s 16-year-old son after she again denied a court order to return the boy to his father.


      The rap mogul has full custody of Damon Dash Jr., and expected his son to be returned several weeks ago following a weekend visit with his mom, Linda Williams, at her Long Island home. After several days of ignoring court orders to bring the child back to Dash’s Manhattan apartment, the judge issued a bench warrant on Monday for her arrest.


       During court on Monday, Dash was spotted outside a Midtown hotel near the courthouse “pacing on the phone” for 45 minutes, reports TMZ.com.


      Williams has said she enrolled her son at a high school near her Long Island home. According to the New York Post, Williams’ lawyer said Damon Jr. wants to live with her and not his father.


DAMON DASH’S EX STILL IN TROUBLE: Linda Williams said she didn’t return boy to court because she enrolled him in school September 12, 2008

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The mother of Damon Dash’s 16-year-old son defied court orders to return the boy to his father because she enrolled him at a school in Long Island, according to WENN.


      Judge Susan Knipps ruled at a Manhattan Family Court hearing on Wednesday that the boy’s mother, Linda Williams, must return Damon Jr. to his father immediately or face legal consequences.


       Damon Jr’s mom, Linda Williams, was only supposed to enjoy a visit with her son – per the custody arrangement – then return him to Dash, who has sole custody. Dash had reportedly planned for the teenager to attend school in the city’s Upper West Side.


       When the boy didn’t return, Dash went to Manhattan Family Court and got the judge to order Williams to bring him back. As previously reported, Judge Susan Knipps threatened to issue an arrest warrant for Williams – who did not turn up at the hearing. However, Knipps held off issuing an arrest warrant over concerns of whether or not Williams had been properly notified.      

       Williams has been ordered to make a court appearance on Monday (Sept. 15).      

       Dash’s lawyer, Robert Wallack, said, “Damon’s position is we expect the child to be turned over immediately, and we expect Ms. Williams to comply with the judge’s orders.”


DAMON DASH’S EX DEFIES COURT ORDER: Baby mama refuses to hand son back to mogul, who has sole custody September 11, 2008

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The mother of Damon Dash’s son has reportedly ignored a court order to appear in Manhattan Family Court Tuesday with their 16-year-old, which will result in a bench warrant for her arrest today if she fails to show up again.       

        According to the New York Post, Damon Dash Jr. went to visit his mother Linda Williams last week at her Long Island home and has yet to return. Dash, who has sole legal custody of the teen, has been locked in a bitter custody battle with Williams for the past five years.      

       Dash Jr.’s court-appointed lawyer, Glenn Mitch-Ampel, told Judge Susan Knipp that Williams said the boy wants to stay with her.      

       Knipp, however, said if Dash Jr. and his mother aren’t in the courtroom during today’s scheduled hearing, she’ll issue a warrant for her arrest.


DAMON DASH FILES MOTION OVER SON: Mogul says his baby mama is holding the boy hostage September 9, 2008

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The legal drama between rap mogul Damon Dash and his son’s mother Linda Williams continues on with a fresh filing this week.


      According to TMZ.com, Dash is accusing Williams of holding his son “hostage” and refusing to bring him to court.


       Dash has filed a motion hoping to force Williams to physically bring Damon Dash II to the hearing so he can see the boy.


      Williams has accused Dash of failing to provide running water and electricity at his house during visits from their son, Damon Dash II, aka “Boogie.” Damon’s lawyer says Williams’ claims are untrue.